Local 805 Area

Local 805 Area

  • Conejo Valley Days

     Conejo Valley Days
    * Photo(s) approval by Rumbaugh Public Relations and courtesy of http://www.conejovalleydays.us

    Conejo Valley Days (CVD) is an annual festival and event celebrating history and spirit of Conejo Valley, CA.

    This popular local annualy event entertains approximately 26,000 guests each year over traditionally a 5-day period. Typically the event has carnival rides, live entertainment (something nationally regonized bands), local vendors, arts, crafts, food (chili cook-off, etc.) and community involvement.

    Conejo Vally Days is also a fund rasing events that provides many local services, projects and CV community related needs.

    Support your local community and attend Conejo Valley Days. The next event is scheduled for June 15-25, 2023 at Conejo Creek North in Thousand Oaks, CA.

    Unlimited ride wristbands will be available for $35.00 on June 16, 2023 only. Discounted ride tickets are available when purchased in 24 and 40 ticket quantities.

    Admission is $10.00. Children five and under are free.

    Limited parking is $5. Drop off and pick up is encouraged. For festival hours, go to www.conejovalleydays.us.

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  • Hotels

    Visiting "The 805" (Ventura, Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo counties) isn't just about a room or hotel necessarily. It's about the memory-making journey and fun. There are very high-end hotels especially in Westlake Village or East Ventura County or downtown Santa Barbara. There are also many "affordable" hotels and motels in Camarillo, Ventura, Oxnard or even in areas around Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.

    Use the tools below, powered by booking.com, to plan and book your tip to "the 805" From San Luis Obispo, Ventura and Santa Barbara county we've got you covered for the best hotel, motel and other accommodations.

    Search the 805 for hotels, motels, accommodations:

  • Reasons to live in the 805

    There are several reasons to live (reside) "in the 805" area not to mention proximity to great local beaches, the ocean, great weather year-round and more. Below is a short list that we hope you find helpful (in no particular order).

    wN7HcTKn8U unsplash p heckel 1000px

    Thornhill-Broome beach and campground. Photo credit: Courtesy of unsplash.com, per the license thereof, and photographer P.Heckel.


    1. Location: The 805 is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo.

    2. Beaches / Pacific Ocean: The 805 has some of the best beaches and surfing areas along highways 101 and 1 (the PCH), including a short drive to Malibu and Zuma Beach, Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo beaches.

    3. Proximity: Areas of the 805 are close to Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, without having to live in the nearby L.A. area Many benefits include a vast array of events including music, entertainment, amusement, comedy and more. Visit Santa Barbara Bowl or The L.A. Forumwithin a 45-minute car trip as well as many other top-notch venues.

    4. Santa Barbara: Part of the 805 is Santa Barbara.  Visit SB for the Bowl, the zoo, city tours, downtown food and drink, wine tours, Santa Barbara Mission, Shoreline Park, the SB harbor and Stearns wharf, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum and more.   

    5. Mountains: Within minutes of the great 805 beaches are the 805 mountains.  Get outdoors in the 805, enjoy hiking, mountain biking and campaign in your own backyard. 

    6. The 805 Economy: Robust growing economy for new businesses including tech start-ups. The 805 has a growing thriving economy and a very diverse group of industries, from local farming, healthcare, government, naval base, biotech such as Amgen(in Thousand Oaks), J.D. Power in Westlake Village, The Trade Desk (multinational technology company that specializes in real-time programmatic marketing automation technologies) in Ventura and Patagonia also in Ventura.

    Some of the cons of residing in the 805 may include, traffic (in some areas to the South), cost of living and if you don't care for suburban lifestyle, it may not be the right area. However, if you want to escape Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and the 805 area's only about an hour drive North.

  • Ventura County and Santa Barbara Gas Prices

    Local 805 area gas prices and trends. Find the lowest gas prices in "the 805" - Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.

    Search Ventura County gas prices, Santa Barbara County gas prices, San Luis Obispo gas prices from gasbuddy.com data.

    Price Trends for Ventura
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    Lowest Gas Prices in Camarillo
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    Lowest Gas Prices in Carpinteria
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    Santa Barbara
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    Simi Valley
    Lowest Gas Prices in Simi Valley
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    Port Hueneme
    Lowest Gas Prices in Port Hueneme
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    Thousand Oaks
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    Lowest Gas Prices in Ventura
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  • Welcome to the 805

    Welcome to the 805 area of California and in805.com, Your Guide to the 805 area. We "coined" the phrase "Welcome to the 805" in 2007 and have been providing local 805 information, events, news, city guides and other information to the community. Whether you are new to "the 805" or have lived here for years, we have the most up to date information.

  • What is the 805

    What is "the 805" area in California?

    The "805" is a California area code, which includes most or all of the California counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo in addition to the southernmost portions of Monterey County. Often referred to as "the 805" and included in many product descriptions like 805 Beer, 805 Farms, etc.

    Find and review local 805 businesses in our 805 Business Directory & Reviews. 805 businesses, create a FREE 805 business listing or upgrade a listing today and save 25%.

    Questions about "the 805" area:

    What is there to do in "the 805"? Search in805.com's event listing for all listed events in the 805 area and regional events.

    What cities or communities are in "the 805" area? For a complete list of cities in "the 805" visit our Cities section.

    What beaches are in "the 805" area? For a list of local 805 beaches, visit in805.com's Outdoors section. The Outdoors section also included hiking, biking, surfing, golfing and more.

  • Where is the 805?

    The 805 is a desirable area in California. The area includes 805 (and 820) area codes in the state of California. The 805 was split from area code 213 in 1957 and the 805 was split May 25, 2017 to include 820 area code). The 805 includes most or all of the California counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, plus the southernmost portions of Monterey County.

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