What is "the 805" area in California?

The "805" is a California area code, which includes most or all of the California counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo in addition to the southernmost portions of Monterey County. Often referred to as "the 805" and included in many product descriptions like 805 Beer, 805 Farms, etc.

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Questions about "the 805" area:

What is there to do in "the 805"? Search in805.com's event listing for all listed events in the 805 area and regional events.

What cities or communities are in "the 805" area? For a complete list of cities in "the 805" visit our Cities section.

What beaches are in "the 805" area? For a list of local 805 beaches, visit in805.com's Outdoors section. The Outdoors section also included hiking, biking, surfing, golfing and more.

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