The Vibrant Tradition of Ventura County Fair : Where Fun Meets the Pacific

Ventura County Fair - Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Ventura, California, lies a cherished annual event that captures the essence of summer in Southern California—the Ventura County Fair. Established in 1875, this beloved fair has become a cornerstone of community culture, offering a kaleidoscope of entertainment, agriculture, and nostalgia for locals and visitors alike.


Ventura County Fair

Image courtesy of Ventura County Fair Organization



History and Overview

The county fair has a rich history dating back over a century. Initially known as the Ventura County Agricultural Fair, it was envisioned as a platform to showcase the region's agricultural bounty. Over time, it evolved into a comprehensive celebration of the county's heritage, blending traditional agricultural showcases with modern entertainment.


2024 Dates and Location

Mark your calendars! The 2024 Ventura County Fair is scheduled to take place from July 31st to August 11th, 2024 promising twelve days of non-stop excitement. Located at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, 10 West Harbor Blvd, Ventura, CA 93001, the fairgrounds offer easy access to the beach and ocean, adding an extra layer of charm to the experience.


Attendance and Experience

Year after year, the county fair attracts a sizable crowd, with thousands of attendees flocking to indulge in its offerings. From thrilling rides that defy gravity to classic carnival games brimming with prizes, there's something for everyone at the fair.

Animal lovers can delight in the diverse array of livestock exhibits, showcasing the region's agricultural prowess. Meanwhile, music enthusiasts can groove to live performances from both local talents and renowned artists, with concerts held throughout the duration of the fair.


Cost and Accessibility

The county fair strives to offer affordable fun for all. While prices may vary for admission and attractions, visitors can expect reasonable rates that won't break the bank. Additionally, the fairgrounds provide ample parking options, ensuring a hassle-free arrival for attendees. Parking costs typically range from $5 to $15, depending on proximity to the fairgrounds and availability. 


Getting To The County Fairgrounds

Getting to the Ventura County Fairgrounds is a breeze, whether you're arriving by car or public transportation. For those driving, the fairgrounds are conveniently located just off the Ventura Freeway (Highway 101), in Ventura, with clearly marked exits for easy access. Various parking lots are available onsite, with attendants guiding visitors to available spaces.

Alternatively, public transportation options such as buses and shuttles provide convenient access to the fairgrounds, with designated drop-off points near the entrance.


Ventura County Fair Address and Website

10 West Harbor Blvd, Ventura, CA 93001 


As summer approaches, anticipation builds for another unforgettable the county fair experience. From thrilling rides to mouthwatering treats and captivating entertainment, the fair promises cherished memories for attendees of all ages. So gather your friends and family, and join in the festivities at the Ventura County Fair—a beloved tradition that continues to shine bright year after year.


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