Discovering Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center: A Haven for Creativity

Located in the heart of Simi Valley, California, the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center stands as a beacon of artistic expression and cultural enrichment. With a rich history and a diverse array of performances, this center has become a focal point for residents and visitors alike seeking high-quality entertainment and educational experiences.



The Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center was established with a mission to provide a platform for the performing arts, fostering creativity, and nurturing talent within the community. Since its inception, it has been committed to promoting cultural diversity and artistic excellence. Originally founded in 1995, the center has evolved into a vibrant hub for theatrical productions, musical performances, comedy nights, and youth arts education programs.


Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

3050 East Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Gallery

The cultural arts center's gallery showcases a diverse array of visual arts, providing a platform for local and regional artists to exhibit their work. The gallery features rotating exhibitions that encompass various styles and mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. Through its exhibitions, the gallery aims to engage and inspire the community, fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts. Visitors to the gallery can expect to discover new artists and artworks, as well as participate in art-related events and activities.


Theatrical Productions and Musical Performances

At the cultural arts center, audiences can immerse themselves in a wide range of theatrical productions and musical performances. From classic dramas to contemporary comedies, the center offers something for every taste. Productions vary from well-known plays like "The Odd Couple" and "Little Shop of Horrors" to original works by local playwrights. The mainstage schedule provides a comprehensive list of upcoming shows, ensuring there's always something exciting to experience.



Music enthusiasts will delight in the diverse lineup of concerts hosted at the cultural arts center. From jazz and classical to rock and blues, the venue showcases an eclectic mix of musical genres, featuring both established artists and emerging talent. Whether you're a fan of intimate acoustic performances or energetic live bands, the concert series promises an unforgettable experience for all music lovers.


Comedy Night

Every Sunday, the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center transforms into a haven of laughter with its popular Comedy Night. Featuring a rotating lineup of seasoned comedians and up-and-coming talents, this weekly event guarantees a night of hilarity and fun. Whether you're in the mood for witty one-liners or side-splitting anecdotes, Comedy Night offers a perfect way to end the weekend on a high note.


Young Artists Playground (YAP) Youth Arts Education Program

For aspiring young performers, the Young Artists Playground (YAP) Youth Arts Education Program provides a nurturing environment to explore their creativity and develop their talents. Through a variety of classes, workshops, and summer camps, participants receive hands-on instruction in acting, singing, dancing, and stagecraft. The program aims to inspire the next generation of artists and instill a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts.


Location and Contact Information

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center 

3050 East Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065 

(805) 583-7900 



Directions to Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

The cultural arts center is conveniently located on East Los Angeles Ave, easily accessible by car. From the Simi Valley Freeway (CA-118), take the exit toward Stearns St/Sycamore Drive and continue onto E Los Angeles Ave. The center is situated on the right-hand side, with ample parking available for patrons.


Finding Events and Tickets

Stay up-to-date with upcoming events and purchase tickets through, Your Guide to the 805. Explore a wide range of entertainment options in the Simi Valley area and reserve your seats for an unforgettable experience at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center.

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Simi Cultural Arts Center serves as a vibrant cultural hub, enriching the community with its diverse array of performances and educational programs. Whether you're a seasoned theatergoer, a music aficionado, or a budding artist, there's something for everyone to enjoy at this esteemed venue. Experience the magic of live entertainment and discover the boundless creativity thriving within the heart of Simi Valley.


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