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Search and find 805 event tickets for millions of local and regional Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles 805 area events & 805 tickets, including 805 concerts, music, festivals, comedy and more. in805.com's event site is powered by Evvnt so you can make certain it's secure and has the most recent 805 area events and tickets.

Searching for Los Angeles area events? We've got you covered and have several L.A. events,  tickets and event locations or venues.

Searching for Santa Barbara, Ventura or San Luis Obispo events and tickets.  We've got you covered for these areas as well.  We have literally thousands of 805 events and 805 tickets.

Promoting and 805 event? Quickly create either local 805 or reginal events using Evvnts' platform and you'll event will appear on many events websites, including in805.com. How does it work? - From a single event submission Evvnt scans their network of 3,800+ targeted and localized event listing sites and syndicate your event out on to the ones that relate to your events content. The service is exceptionally strong in the U.S. as we are signing newspapers who wish to utilize our event calendar technology and also wish to supply you event organizers with powerful event marketing services. When you post an event to our system you have the option to upgrade the event to "Premium" at a cost. When upgraded, we will syndicate your event in two ways: location and category. 

First, the location you entered for your event is checked against our network of event sites. If your location falls in the area set by a site for accepting events then we will instantly send that event to that site in our network. These sites are the "Local" sites that you can view in your event report.

Next, Evvnts' system will look at the category selected for your event and we will send your event to the national and global sites that post events related to that category. These sites typically require a manual submission so it can take up to 5+ days for these posts to populate on these sites. Since roughly half of all syndication we do is via manual submission, we recommend posting your event at least 4-6 weeks before the event date to allow for these submissions to be processed in time for your event to be noticed.

Posting Pricing:
Every event has the option to be upgraded to a premium event with a promotion credit. You can purchase one single credit for each event, or purchase in bulk to get instant savings. Pricing is based on category and the traffic on your home site. More info about pricing is here: Pricing Plans & Packages.

 Event Questions:

We answer all these questions with our local and regional events, event tickets, event venues and more event details. 

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