Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Jefferson Starship at Libbey Bowl, Ojai, CA 2018


Jefferson Starship at Libbey Bowl, Ojai, CA 2018
Jefferson Starship at Libbey Bowl, Ojai, CA 2018
07.14.18, 19:00 h - 22:00 h
Libbey Bowl - Ojai, CA - Ojai, CA
Music - Live


Jefferson Starship at Libbey Bowl, Ojai, CA 2018

Jefferson Starship: Jefferson Starship is an American rock band formed in the early 1970s by several members of the former psychedelic rock group Jefferson Airplane. The band has undergone several major changes in personnel and genres through the years while retaining the same Jefferson Starship name. The current Jefferson Starship, led by co-founder Paul Kantner until his 2016 death, remains dedicated to breathing new life into the living catalog of the Jefferson legacy, going to the edge, pushing the sonic boundaries and staying true to the original spirit of the music, on and off stage.


Libbey Bowl - Ojai, CA
Libbey Bowl - Ojai, CA - Website
Ojai Ave
United States


Libbey Bowl - Ojai, CA

The original Bowl was built in Edward Drummond Libbey’s Civic Center Park from 1952 to 1957 by a community effort led by the Ojai Music Festival. The shell was designed by architects Austen Pierpont of Ojai and Roy C. Wilson of Santa Paula. Originally known as “Civic Center Bowl,” and “Festival Bowl,” among other names, it became known as “Libbey Bowl” in the 1980s after Civic Center Park was given to the City of Ojai and renamed Libbey Park.

Inaugurated by Aaron Copland at the 1957 Ojai Music Festival, Libbey Bowl has hosted many of the world’s most influential artists. In addition to serving as the home of the internationally acclaimed Ojai Music Festival, Libbey Bowl has housed important community and cultural events including the Storytelling Festival, Illusions Theater, Fourth of July Celebration, Memorial Day Celebration, Mexican Fiesta, and many others.

By 2008, Libbey Bowl had suffered from over 50 years of wood rot, termite damage, and heavy use which proved irreparable and the Bowl was in danger of being condemned. In the fall of 2008, the City of Ojai and the Ojai Music Festival began working together to build a new Libbey Bowl. Ojai architect David Bury was hired to create a design that evoked the aesthetics, intimacy, and harmony with nature that characterized the original Bowl, as well as to make critical design improvements backstage and for audiences. The Ojai Music Festival, with support from the Ojai Valley Service Foundation, raised over $3 million from its patrons, the Ojai community and donors beyond, to partner with the City of Ojai in building the new Libbey Bowl. Newsletter

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